Friday, August 1, 2014


Am I the only girl out there that knows what came out today?

I won't pretend to know everything about comics. I came on to the superhero scene later on in my life. I love them! I love everything about them! The more the better! There are certain types I don't like. I can only go as dark as Batman and  I barely tolerated the Green Lantern. 

I love to read comics well as much as I can afford to. I always feel uncomfortable when I walk into a comic book store. I often feel like I have to pretend to know all about the comic book world. I don't enter a store often but when I do I always feel like all eyes are on me.

Regardless of that I can't get enough. I live and breathe superheroes. I can't wait to see any superhero movie live action or cartoon. They are very entertaining. Each character is different full of odd behaviors and quirky attitudes. Guardians of the Galaxy is a prime example. I am not entirely familiar with their story line but I can't wait to get familiar.

From how Marvel Studios is marketing the movie is a melting pot of quirky, goofy, and action. This is the beginning of awesomeness and I know there is more guardians in the future. I stay put and wait for what the comic book world has in store for me. In the television world there are many projects coming up and I am very happy about that.

Thursday, July 31, 2014

And God said "Let there be Light!"

 Hello world! I figured I would start my blog with an about me. My name is Andrea. I am in my early twenties traveling between work and school. I have a slight obsession with pop culture. I love movies, T.V., and books. I am not too much into fads but I'm not going to lie and say I haven't worn jeggings and peasant blouses (still do!) I am only posting positive posts that highlight an individual or improve your life. Any mean or negative comments will not be tolerated. We should encourage one another not tear each other down. Lots of Love!
I wanted to get this out there as soon as possible so hopefully we click and become friends! To sum me up in a picture...

School's Lurking About

Back to school signs are everywhere in my neighborhood. I have an obsession with back to school shopping. I find it is my inner OCD crazy that loves to buy 50 different pencils and a scientific calculator every year. I still buy school supplies when school's already in session. I can't help it! My favorite places to shop are Target and Dollar tree. I like Target because it is well presented. There are HUGE signs guiding you to school supply heaven as soon as you walk in. Dollar tree is amazing as well simply due to the fact that it is a DOLLAR!! I always go in to that store and impulse buy like crazy. Do I really need another tooth brush holder and an assortment of stickers? YES!!

So what am I looking at currently? College deals at Target. I live at home and am almost done with school but I want a new bedspread. I also like that they provide college checklists. School checklists always make me feel like a little girl.

 I included the college checklist at the bottom. I will be shopping with my nieces and nephew next week. Where are your go to places? Am I the only one with an obsession?|X0Y1|T:Template%20B-DVM|C:CMS&intc=1725553|null

These drawings are mine and anyone is free to use them.